New Year in Bangkok’s Chinatown (Video)

by Chinatowner on February 22, 2011

Here is a short video that shows some scenes from Chinese New Year celebrations (not the current ones, but a past one from the year of the pig). It also explains some of the things that makes the Chinese New Years celebrations in Bangkok special and unique. The video also shows how two white Jade lions, which have been given to Thailand as a gift from China, will be accepted by members of the royal Thai family. You can also see a traditional Thai dance performance.

Hope this video made you come to visit Chinatown – it’s a truly unique and fascinating place in this city.


Crazy Awesome Vintage Record Shop in Chinatown

by Chinatowner on November 12, 2010

You can find all kinds of things in Bangkok’s Chinatown. For example, here’s a crazy awesome shop selling old LPs.

There are so many unique characters living in the city of angels – people who decide to do something just because they love to do it.

These quirky little things here and there are what make the Chinatown in Bangkok such a special place.

Photocredit: Southeast Asia Image

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Chinatown at Night

November 11, 2010

Chinatown Bangkok has a unique atmosphere at night. There are the quite, dark sois, but there’s also the loud, in your face, busy Yaowarat, which basically turns into a huge food bazaar at night with hundreds of vendors selling meals and snacks from all regions of China. Some of the food here is supercheap and […]

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Roasted Chestnut Vendor in Bangkok’s Chinatown

October 31, 2010

Like roasted chestnuts? Then you’ll love Chinatown. You can find dozens of these vendors around Chinatown, especially around the popular Yaowarat Road. These roasted chestnuts are not just tasty, but they are also very healthy. A big bag costs around 100 baht, and is more than pretty much any chestnut lover could eat on his […]

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Bangkok Chinatown by Night

October 17, 2010

Here is a really nice shot that captures the atmosphere of Bangkok’s Chinatown after the sun set. This is so typical of the small sois (sub-streets) of Chinatown. There often is a simple roof over them to protect from rain. And in this case, there are many Chinese-style lamps hanging down from the roof. Even […]

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